Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An Invitation to Natural Discourse

Garden bloggers attending this year's Fling in the San Francisco area were treated to a reception at the home of artist and garden designer Shirley Watts.  A photo I took that evening of the glossy rose hips forming on a Rosa glauca later created an opportunity to speak with Shirley on a number of our shared passions.  She's asked me to spread the word about one of them - a Symposium on Natural Discourse to be held October 10, 2013 in Berkeley.  

Here's their website for details and tickets:

We simply have no idea who a person truly is when we first meet.  A person's reputation or celebrity is simply a costume worn in particular settings, and we're fortunate on rare occasions to truly know one another.  One of my favorite parts of our annual Garden Blogger Flings is knowing a little more, settling a layer deeper, growing real friendships with others.  

If you have the opportunity, enrich your life and widen your circle of friends by attending this Symposium.  


Pam/Digging said...

I love your sentiment about the Flings and getting to know other bloggers. I think you're much better at that than I am. I'm usually running around with a camera, and later I think how I should have spent more time talking to other bloggers. But the bus time helps with that.

Layanee said...

Ahhh, so true. Love your rose hips and had a great time with you in SF. Are you going to the symposium?

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