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High Anxiety

Now that it's aired, I will confess that my little suburban garden was recently featured on Central Texas Gardener.   Months of freaking out with every deep freeze, every plant that suddenly died, every arbor destroyed by freakish winds - in other words, every event that might naturally occur in the garden with the changing seasons -  all that nervous panic is finally over and I can go back to simply playing outside. 
Why a "confession", rather than being pleased as punch?  Something about having my garden on CTG feels like bragging.  And in my eyes my garden is messy, my own personal playground - not something worthy of a segment on that wonderful program.  It's where I go to test out new skills, like digging a pondbuilding a rainwater harvesting system, creating an insect hotel, making a vermicomposting bin, or putting together a greenhouse with the help of a few friends.  
Having my garden "go public" temporarily destroyed its tranquility.

My garden doesn…