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Israeli Frost Defense System

Back in July, I came home to 5 large cardboard boxes in the driveway - a lavish and much appreciated gift from my husband and mother-in-law.  It was a Rion greenhouse kit - designed and manufactured by those folks who have so much experience coaxing lush, productive vegetation out of harsh conditions.   The weather was far too hot back then to consider an extended outdoors project, so the boxes sat in the garage until this month.  With the weather dipping into frosty numbers, construction of the greenhouse suddenly went from casual to crisis status. Thanks to roof raising help from a group of friends, we got the majority of the construction completed just in time.  Over the next week I'll share more details; but for now, I just wanted to publicly celebrate being able to open and close its doors, roof vents, and side louvres, and to share my sincere gratitude for Tom Farley, Sheryl Williams and her husband, Ed, all of whom gave up valuable weekend gardening time to help