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March Bloomers

How is it possible there are still nay-sayers when it comes to global warming?  They can't possibly be gardeners!    Is there anyone with their hands in the soil who isn't learning to deal with warmer (or much colder) winters, a lot less (or a lot more) rainfall?  In my garden, I'm wondering when to prune back plants that never stopped blooming, where I can replace ever more turf with mulched areas, and how to make the most of the rainwater I manage to capture when it DOES finally rain ... but through it all I'm always so grateful to have a garden.    Who needs yoga?  I have gardening to teach me flexibility!  Here's some of what I was enjoying out there today ... Hard to see that bumblebee on the Meyer lemon bloom, but he's just one of several dozen that were buzzing around the yard this afternoon.  Didn't see a single honey bee, but the bumbles had the air humming.   'Old Blush' rose providing the backdrop for some pass along Dutch irises from L