Tuesday, September 23, 2014

An Orb Game in Portland

Thankfully, we and our gardens have survived the worst of a summer and are moving into the cooler days of fall, and still I haven't posted about the amazing Garden Bloggers Fling in Portland I was fortunate to attend back in July.  As always, the writing and photography of our talented group have captured the best of our annual gathering so well I've preferred to simply relive the fun through their posts.  

However, I do want to play a little game with the many orbs I kept seeing in the various gardens.  Some were split open to form fire pits or planters or rain basins, some were stuck on fences or poles, and others simply sat on a table or on the ground.  Oddly enough, one of the plants I brought home was Cotyledon orbiculata var. orbiculata - yet another "orb"! 

There were so many, it became a game for me to find them.  Here's just a sampling.

Look up against the fence for the smaller one, too!

If you went to the Fling, please leave a comment matching the garden to the orb.  I'll post the correct answers at the end of this month (September.)

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Layanee said...

And I thought I had nice orbs! Love these. Missed you this year Vicki. Maybe next or why don't you just come and visit.

VP said...

Good spot Vicky! I was so struck by all the glass orbs we saw, that I even found one to bring home. I haven't dared put it out in the garden though, it's far too precious for that. You found many more orbs than I did - I can only name about half of your pictures :-o

outlawgardener said...

I know some of them for sure but will have to think about a couple of them. Sphere not, I'll be back to play the matching game soon!

Pam/Digging said...

Ok, I'll play! I don't recognize them all, but here goes:
1. JJ De Sousa's garden
2. ?
3. ? Cool leaf orb though.
4. Linda Ernst's garden
5. Floramagoria (the fence looks like the Floramagoria scene I recognize in #6)
6. Floramagoria
7. Floramagoria
8. JJ De Sousa's
9. Fuller garden
10. Scott Weber's
11. Floramagoria (I think this is a Little and Lewis piece)
12. Linda Ernst's

vbdb said...

Your humor was truly missed, Layanee. I really might just have to make a trip to the ledge.

vbdb said...

Pam's the clear winner - but in case you wondered, #2 and #3 were also found in Linda Ernst's garden. I have at least 6 more orb/sphere pics that were snapped in other gardens, but the Ernst garden definitely had the most in one place.

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