Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You Had Me at Woof!

We have a saying in the South - "preachin' to the choir." That's what today's blog is like. If you've ever enjoyed the love and companionship of an animal, there's no need to try to explain the value and difference it can make in your life. If you haven't, it's not something words can convey and you're just going to be aggravated with me for talking about it in a blog that's primarily about gardening. But remember, day one I promised you things that made me stop and think "wow".

That said, today I'd like to introduce you to Simon. He's currently looking for a home in the Austin area, and this is what the Austin Humane Society folks have to say about him:

"Oh, Simon! This dog has stolen hearts all over Texas. Simon was found in the Giddings Animal Shelter with a crushed front leg and a terrible case of heartworms. A very nice gentleman saw what a great dog Simon is and was determined to save Simon's life. With help from a very generous vet in Giddings, Simon's leg was amputated and he was transferred to The Austin Humane Society for his heartworm treatment and rehabilitation. He got through his heartworm treatment with no problems. He has never missed the leg he lost. This dog had some hard living before he came to us. We could all learn something about optimism from Simon. He loves all people, other dogs, and cats. His favorite thing is a belly rub and snuggling. Simon is very strong and needs some leash training, but he will give so much more in return. He is the strongest 3 legged dog you will ever meet! Be careful, he has a way with people. He is very easy to fall in love with. Ask anyone who has ever met him!"

Simon sounds like a great excuse to be Playin' Outside! Doesn't seem like you can call yourself a gardener if you've not met the challenge of gardening with dogs (or cats, for that matter.) And who can't identify with another being who has had a hard time and needs some snuggling. So, if you're not reading this years after it was posted in January 2008, and if there's room in your heart and home, post a comment and I'll e-mail pictures to you (that pic up there of my guys is just to grab your attention, but he's just as cute.) If you have a big heart and don't even care what Mr. Wonderful looks like, call Layla at the Humane Society for adoption info - Layla Hanna, Intake Supervisor/Foster Care Coordinator 512-646-7387 ext. 231


Bonnie said...

Just leaving a comment to see if your comments are working or still getting returned.

Anonymous said...

Simon was adopted from the Austin Humane Society yesterday! We are so excited that he is finally home!


Diana said...

What a great story and a wonderful use of your blog. Being an avid animal and dog lover (we have 2 adopted dogs), I'm always looking for ways to help find wayward dogs good homes. Great idea! I'll pass his story along to my dog friends. Oh, and BTW - Welcome to Austin blogging! I'll add you to my blog.

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